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Flying makes you happy!

Our mission is to provide safe and affordable soaring to our members. We own our own sailplanes and tow-plane and are a member of the Soaring Society of America.

We offer sailplane rental and towing.  We also offer free instruction to our club members ... you can join and learn to fly from some of the best pilots in the area.


One of many member benefits is free instruction from our highly skilled certified flight instructors. The instructor staff are also club members and volunteer their time with student members. Paying it forward aviation style!


 Anyone can buy a ride.  Don't miss out on this opportunity to soar ... sometimes literally with the birds.  There is absolutely nothing like it.  This is also a great gift idea. 


Members can rent from our fleet of aircraft or just buy a tow to a given altitude with their own sailplane.  Great values and there are not many less expensive ways to fly.